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Wedding Photography: Why Shouldn’t It Be Missing In My Big Day

Wedding photography conundrums can induce some of the worst headaches for a couple looking to tie the knot. Why, you ask? Because when the ‘Big Day’ is done, after months of methodical preparation and planning, it is over in a flash. So what can you hold on to in order to remember that day? Not very much – except your cherished photos. In those pictures there is a snapshot, forever captured, of that beautiful day between you and your partner. It is why photography for your wedding should be a number one consideration when you come to budget and plan that special day. It’s obvious why these photos are so important which is why it can be a stressful time for you and your partner to make the right decisions. Who do you go with? What will they charge you? What if they’re terrible and they completely ruin everything? Add in to the mix all the other stuff such as how you’re going to get Uncle Albert to sit in the same room as Aunt Janet and it’s just another stressful disaster waiting to happen. But there is hope. With the right wedding photographer, at the right price, you can completely remove the worry and stress of forever immortalising your big day. The right photographer will make your day a lot easier and allow you to look back and enjoy everything that happened on your cherished wedding day. ‘How do I find this miracle worker?’ you ask. Well, let’s find out.

The Importance Of Finding A Wedding Photographer In London

To first of all find a photographer for wedding photos of some merit to suit your needs, we must first understand what a photographer is and what they do. Some argue that photographers are essentially artists and, like artists, they have different motivations. Some are professionals and take pictures to make money; others are amateur photographers and like to take snaps for the love of it. What really makes professional photographers stand out is their day-to-day photography experience – meaning that professionalism is the way to go regardless of whether that’s with a London wedding photographer or elsewhere.

Looking For The Best Creative Wedding Photography Styles

The evolution of photography has allowed for all sorts of changes in the way things are approached. This has allowed different styles to evolve. You can have creative wedding photography or fine art wedding snaps. However, overall, there are two more prominent styles that are considered the best wedding photography UK styles: traditional and photojournalistic. While traditional is more self-explanatory, photojournalistic essentially sees the photograph focus on a reportage style. In other words, the photographer is capturing images in a more sincere manner. However, the reality is that professionals can specialise in a number of different styles these days.

So Why Is There A Need To Look At Wedding Photography Packages And Not Just Photographers?

Why is a professional wedding photographer needed so badly? Well, maybe you should ask the couples who could regale you with horror stories of how badly their snaps turned out when they relied on their family. Without good wedding photography packages, your memories could be ruined. A consummate professional will discuss what you need for your big day. Then they’ll be with you from anywhere between 4 to 12 hours taking approximately 1,000 photographs of the special occasion. You’re getting real quality by going with a professional. An amateur won’t even come close – let alone your friend using their smartphone.

Reliable But Cheap Wedding Photographers – A Professional Is Essential For Your Big Day

The wedding photographer will record a memory for your potential future grandchildren or for other family members to hold on to who weren’t able to be there. So it’s important to find someone experienced and aware of your requirements and also to book early. Photographers can get booked up pretty fast, particularly during key seasons, so the sooner the better. Obviously deciding on a firm wedding date helps too otherwise you may end up with a choice of cheap wedding photographers lacking in quality. You’ll also want to meet the photographer. Don’t be afraid to ask them to show you various examples of their work. Communication is key to working out what you want.

The Most Expensive London Wedding Photographer Isn’t Necessarily The Best

Whether you are looking for a London wedding photographer or one based elsewhere in the UK, you’re going to want the best wedding photographer for your money. However, in reality, more money doesn’t always equal more quality. In fact, the number one consideration should be how well you will get along with your photographer. It may sound strange, but personality is important. You’re going to be having some special moments with this person present, so you want them to make you feel good and bring a warm vibe to this cherished occasion. If a photographer is too full of themselves or too overbearing, it could really ruin your day.

How Much Does The Average Wedding Photography UK Cost?

A friend may seem like the easy, and cheap, solution but they might miss snapping an important moment. You need high-quality, but affordable photography. A cost comparison is difficult in regards to wedding photography UK wide because you’re obviously paying for an individual trait – personality. A photographer’s personality can be indicative of whatever you think is ‘quality’. Some photographers can quote anywhere between a couple of hundred pounds all the way up to even two or three thousand pounds. Some say that somewhere between £1,000-£1,500 is the average wedding photographer cost but all sorts of price points can bring about photos of varying quality.

How To Find A Wedding Photographer St Albans

So whether you are looking around for a wedding photographer St Albans way or London way, you still need to find that one that clicks (pardon the pun) with you. Social media is a great tool to use – either by asking friends or family for recommendations – or browsing around until you find the page of a photographer in your area. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a short list of potential snappers, it’s time to find a wedding photographer. You want someone who is a good fit, but who also fits in with your budget too.

Looking For London Based Wedding Photographer

In somewhere as big as London, it will feel hard to find a London based wedding photographer who is right for you. However, living in such a big city affords you an incredible amount of choice in how you want your photos to look and what you want them to say about you and your partner. Every style has its positives and negatives. However, at Alex Wedding Photography, we can do all sorts of styles to suit your needs. Whether it’s documentary, reportage, contemporary, photo-journalistic or classic wedding photography, there’s a way for us to make your photos look timeless, beautiful and very much you.

The Best London Wedding Photography For You

With so many options within London wedding photography, you’ll want to really get down to specifics with your shortlist of potential photographers. You’ll want the best London wedding photographers you can get. Thankfully, we’re here for you at Alex Wedding Photography. Our stress-free style means that we’ll probably have our first meeting over some coffee while we listen to your every photographic requirement and concern. As someone who has been married, Alex knows the stresses and strains you are going through. By understanding how precious your photographs are to you, he can take responsibility of that very important side of your wedding day and deliver high-quality memories.

At Alex Wedding Photography – Get A Wedding Photographer Who Understands Your Needs

We have discussed how important other factors can be outside of cost. You want the type of photography for your wedding that captures those important elements. At, our packages for 2015 demonstrate our amazing range of affordable prices. Our Goldium Package, which is valued at £1,126.50, is currently discounted to just £799 – saving over £300! For more information, just contact us via our online enquiry form, email us at or phone us at 07951 235911. Alex is in charge of the wedding photography and he’s the photographer you won’t want to miss out on. Book today to put your mind at ease – it only takes a couple of minutes to make those memories a reality.

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