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Wedding Photographer: Then, Now And Why They’re Still Important

Wedding photographer – who’d have thought they’d still be around? In the 1800s, they were just an addition to the day for those with the money to pay for it. Due to being restricted to a studio, people didn’t even get photographed at the wedding – it happened before or afterwards, sometimes not even in their wedding clothes! However, things have now changed; more portable, and digital, wedding photography has never been so widespread – but it can seem like there are too many people to choose from. So, how do you pick the right professional for you?

How To Find A Wedding Photographer Of Quality

First thing’s first – start searching immediately. You’ll want the best wedding photographer you can get, not just for your budget, but for your peace of mind too. These photographs are your legacy of the big day – they must be perfect. With that in mind, you’ll want the top wedding photographer. However, since the best get booked up fast, you’ll want to get them as far in advance as possible. How do you find them to begin with? You could ask friends and family members for recommendations. Perhaps you could search social media or check out friends’ photo albums online? If you’re feeling stuck, you can always turn to other professionals involved in your wedding – such as the planner or the caterer. Having worked at numerous weddings, they’ll have enough contacts to find a wedding photographer for you. From there, you’ll want to narrow down the options, create a shortlist, and review each person’s suitability. Do you like the style in their photos? Their vision? Do you think you’d feel comfortable around them? Do they listen to your wants and needs, or are they completely self-absorbed in their work? There’s no right way to be a London wedding photographer. Since most, if not all, are competent with the camera, it’s their personality and style which sets them apart from others. You’ll want someone who gets you, gets your vision and will make that vision a reality.

Getting The Wedding Photographer Of Your Dreams

You’ve already got the person of your dreams ready to walk down the aisle with you, so finding the wedding photographer of your dreams is the next step. You’ll find a wedding photographer needed by every couple who tie the knot, so it’s important to get the right person otherwise you’ll be left with someone you don’t like. After you’ve conducted interviews and are more settled on the photographer you want at your wedding, you’ll want to make sure of everything else to do with them. Are they extremely professional? You’ll want someone who won’t treat your wedding as a chance to drink copious amounts of free booze all day. Do they have the right equipment? Fill yourself in on the basics of photography. Do they pass the test? Can they ‘wow’ you with their knowledge? Do they edit their photos? There are also things you can do for them to ensure that this is a good relationship. You can help them in advance by giving them a list of “must have” shots – such as a specific photo that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. You may even want to consider assigning them to a family member who can help them identify key people to snap. This ensures that the photographer doesn’t end up with numerous shots of your brother’s wife’s brother – which leaves Granny Cassidy furious because she’s nowhere to be seen. By telling your photographer what to expect, you’re creating a great relationship that will show in your final products. Catering for the photographer doesn’t go amiss either

Alex Wedding Photography Has The Perfect Wedding Photographer For You

While every wedding photographer is competent with equipment, the greats have that special quality: people skills. At Alex Wedding Photography, we fully understand the stresses of the marriage process – it’s something that Alex has experienced and knows what you’re going through. We can make sure that your mind is put at ease with our incredibly high-standard of wedding photography. We’ll capture those big, and little, moments of your beautiful day to ensure you’ll have them forever. If you’d like to find out more, visit our website at You can also phone us at 07951 235911 email us at We want to help turn your dreams into reality!

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