Terms and Conditions for Alex Wedding Photography

Alex Wedding Photography will be delighted to provide photography services for you on your wedding day as your main wedding photographer. As of today, [2017], it’s being agreed from this terms and conditions set out the entire agreement created between the parties which no modification and no variations of this conditions shall be made unless it is being agreed by each parties in writing form. Our terms and conditions are very clear and up front – we will never apply any hidden surprises.

If you have any questions on our terms and conditions or want to debate any aspect of our wedding photography services provided, please either send an email to: info@alexweddingphotography.co.uk or give Alex a call on +44 795 1235 911.

Photography Booking Fee

Photography booking fee for our wedding services is of £150 (one hundred and fifty British pounds) and it is required for securing his/her date and time of photographer, Alex. The photography booking fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Bookings are created on basis of first come – first served. Booking dates can solely be secured upon receipt of the full deposit and completed our booking form.


A full payment is due to 1 month (30 days) before the wedding date except the booking fee. We require a full acceptance of our terms and conditions as published on our website to be printed and signed by both sides. All digital images or wedding albums, remains in possession of Alex Wedding Photography until a full payment is being made by the client(s). Additional payment charged might occur for extra items, such as albums or prints, when these are pre-ordered after the ceremony day.


The client solemnly allow the photographer, Alex, to use and display any images included/covered by this contract on the Alex Wedding Photography web site, portfolio, promote our business in advertising, exhibitions, competitions, brochures, magazine articles, websites, commercially, sample albums etc.


Any image sizes quoted are minimal and may occur some minor errors. The photographer, Alex, will provide to the client(s) images into a nice colour balance but he cannot give any guarantee that he will execute into perfect colour matching due to abnormal situations. Sometimes it is impossible to capture/display photographically the exact image colour seen by the normal eye. Sometimes printed images may produce an incorrect colour reproduction. Alex Wedding Photography will attempt to accomplish to the closest colour match between the limitation of the materials and used techniques. Alex Wedding Photography undertake no obligation for such minor alteration in size.


Images presented to the client(s) are individually processed and saved in high resolution with some retouching techniques which can be and are ready to print from the disc, if desired. As an optional extra extra digital manipulation of the images or retouching and processing is available on request by the client(s).


Reorders will be treated as an optional extra by these terms and conditions and therefore Alex Wedding Photography will take no responsibility for any errors unless arrangement are given in writing form.


All digital images or raw images whether kept digitally or otherwise created by Alex Wedding Photography will remain in possession and are COPYRIGHT of Alex Wedding Photography to the act of granting of the Copyright and Patents Act of 1988. It is irreconcilable to the current Act that the client(s) do not have any right to duplicate, nor to permit the duplication of any image(s) created by Alex Wedding Photography, without the written permission of Alex Wedding Photography (except the client(s) did bought the right of copyright for the Digital Images for a fixed price – £200).
The client(s) hereby accept that breaching of Alex Wedding Photography terms and conditions is a violation to the copyright material and may/can be a criminal infraction.

Attendance and Coverage

In the extremely unlikely event of your appointed photographer being inadequate to be present at on your booking day as a result of unforeseen circumstances, Alex Wedding Photography have rights to appoint and discuss with another photographer to be present at your place to undertake your wedding day.

Alex Wedding Photography cannot be detained liable for the insufficiency of the time and covered area subject being made by the bride, groom or other members of the ceremony, either not being ready on time, or any other limitation settled on the photographer.

Cancellation Policy

The client may cancel the contract by all means at any time, by giving a written notice to Alex Wedding Photography, but in doing so he will receive any monies paid. Within 14 days of booking the client(s) may cancel his/her contract and they are eligible to a full refund of the booking fee. The booking fee of £150 will be not gained on revocation made after 2 weeks (14 days). Cancellation within 3 months of the wedding date will result in a full booking payment.

If you wedding is being postponed, then it is at the discretion of Alex Wedding Photography, subject to availability and other fees (besides the booking fee) may be added to the new wedding day.

Digital Files/Negatives

Digital files and/or negatives remain the sole property of Alex Wedding Photography. The client(s) shall be solely responsible for keeping safe his/her disks/dvd/usb/cards and any duplicate discs may incur additional charges.

Storage and Back UP

For your security and our business we do hold a double back up solution of your digital images. We guarantee you that your files will be stored for at least 180 days (sometimes even more). Upon request by the client(s) we may prolong his/her back up storage data as an optional extra. Alex Wedding Photography use:

  1. our own in-house cloud storage and back up servers
  2. on-line cloud storage


Alex Wedding Photography hopes you will be very happy with your wedding images and puts a huge amount of time and effort into providing a professional and high quality service. However, any complaints should be discussed by the client(s) with Alex Wedding Photography in writing, 14 days from the provision of digital images.

Thank you for taking the time to read Alex Wedding Photography Terms and Conditions.