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London Based Wedding Photographer – Are You On The Lookout?

In somewhere as big as London, it will feel hard to find a London based wedding photographer who is right for you. However, on the plus side, living in such a big city affords you an incredible amount of choice in the style and diversity of how you want your photos to look and what you want them to say about you and your partner.

Within photography, there are so many different styles. There’s photojournalism which involves shooting those moments in a truthful way without interference or the need to pose. Think of it as someone documenting the wedding as it unfolds. This style leads to something completely unique and it means the wedding photographer won’t get in your way. However, if your wedding has a lot of staged events, it may not be the best fit. Perhaps you want something artistic that will be both beautiful and completely unique? The downside here is that you may not like abstract and it may become more about the artist rather than your big day. Or perhaps you just want the traditional, classical approach with a modern twist? If you’ve spent a lot of time detailing your wedding, this is the best way to capture it all; but the consistency may end up making everything look the same. Every style has its good and bad and it’s down to you to arm yourself with a much knowledge as possible so that you can communicate your dream day in the most accurate way to your photographer.

However, at Alex Wedding Photography, run by a London based wedding photographer, we can arrange all sorts of styles to suit your needs. Whether it’s documentary, reportage, contemporary, photo-journalistic or that classic wedding photography, there’s a way for us to make your photos look timeless, beautiful and very you.

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